The Gensingen Brace® Advantage

The goals of Gensingen bracing are, at minimum, to stabilize scoliosis while influencing positive postural changes. The Gensingen brace strives for overcorrection of scoliosis. When fit in a timely manner, it has a record of improving Cobb angle and posture in many adolescents.

The Gensingen brace surpasses other scoliosis braces that are currently available, for many reasons. It is made of lightweight polyethylene, has less material for improved comfort, has front closing straps and features an open hip for improved mobility.

Its asymmetric design induces a mirror image of the scoliotic body which allows for postural improvement. 

Strategically placed voids for Schroth rotational breathing are another feature which help provide a corrective effect and an improved level of comfort for patients – especially when compared to a compressive brace.

The Gensingen brace is truly a 3D brace, because it addresses the coronal, transverse, and the often-neglected sagittal plane – removing concerns of flatback syndrome.

 Patients fit for the brace report a very short break-in period in comparison with traditional scoliosis braces. Most patients are able to sleep through the night in the brace immediately after being fit.

The Gensingen brace can be used as a full-time orthosis or as a nighttime brace. Adults with scoliosis are choosing to be fit with the Gensingen brace® for spinal support, pain management and to prevent curve progression.

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