What a Great Course

What a great course…Your organization is TOP NOTCH and I feel extremely lucky to have been part of the training. Read More

Best Possible Treatment Outcomes

“Personally, I feel the most important aspect of the brace that leads to its success is the asymmetrical design. Patients are more apt to be compliant about wearing a brace once they see their corrected X-rays.” Read More

Not Embarrassed of Her Brace Anymore

“[She] wears her brace to school everyday and in total she is very adamant for making sure she wears her brace at least 20 hours a day…This is the 1st time she has been willing to wear her brace to school and she’s actually not embarrassed with it.” Read More

Curve Stabilization

“Just saw [patient], mother is really happy with correction in brace and with out of brace curve stabilization.” Read More

Happy to Continue with the Brace!

“J. will be happy to continue with the brace! It’s funny that two years ago when we started to wear the brace J didn’t want it very much, but now she doesn’t want to end it.” Read More

A Happier Patient

“The exacting fit is much more tolerable for the patient which contributes to improved corrections and a happier patient.” Read More

You All Are Amazing!!

“WOW! I kind of expected this but I’m also a little shocked. I truly imagined her being braced into high school!  You all are amazing!!” Read More

Improving Scoliosis Increase Substantially!

“The Cheneau Gensingen scoliosis brace has helped many, many patients achieve results that have previously been unattainable with bracing.” Read More

Educational & Enlightening

“Attending the Best Practice Seminar was really educational and enlightening. It is really nice to be involved with a spinal program that is standardized and shows correction. No, that is not a typo, in quite a few cases the patients did show curve correction.” Read More

Making a Huge Impact

“Unlike other braces where the goal is to halt the curve, the Gensingen Brace can actually correct. Our son’s curve was 16 degrees at its initial diagnosis and had increased to 28 degrees… We just went for an out of brace x-ray and the curve is now 13 degrees!!” Read More