Patients and providers alike rave about the Cheneau-Gensingen brace!

“Attending the Best Practice Seminar was really educational and enlightening. It is really nice to be involved with a spinal program that is standardized and shows correction. No, that is not a typo, in quite a few cases the patients did show curve correction. The brace is streamlined and quite cosmetic compared to traditional bracing. X-rays do not lie – the evidence I have seen for this brace thus far is something to be very excited about.” – Trevor DaSilva, C.O.(c), B.Sc. (Orthotist from Toronto, Canada)

“She is tolerating the Gensingen brace much better than she ever tolerated the Boston brace.” H.M. (Parent from Guam)

“The [Cheneau-Gensingen brace] is a more aggressive brace that encourages the body to use its muscles all the time to help contract the muscles in the back against the curves. As a bonus, the brace is also more sleek and easier to hide under clothing. Plus, the adjustment straps are in the front, allowing my daughter to go the restroom on her own, instead of having to face the humiliation of asking for help.

The best part is, the results are there! In her last X-Ray, my daughter showed improvement in all of her curves, especially the thoracic and lumbar ones, which were by far the biggest. She is no longer a candidate for surgery, which is the happiest news we’ve ever heard!” K.W. (Parent from Pittsburgh, PA)