Cheneau Concept

Learn about the origins of the Cheneau concept of scoliosis bracing and how it evolved into the Gensingen Brace™ with the advent of CAD/CAM technology.

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Scoliosis Correction

When working toward non-surgical scoliosis correction, asymmetric bracing has been shown to be more effective than symmetric scoliosis braces.

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Our Spinal Braces

We offer several spinal braces, for full-time wear, night-time wear, and for kyphosis (with or without scoliosis). Learn more about options and results.

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Cheneau Brace Certification

The Gensingen Brace™ network is expanding across the U.S. and Canada and our aim is to broaden the network of professionals offering this innovative and effective 3D spinal orthosis.

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Evidence for Bracing

Read studies, papers, and reviews about the efficacy of Cheneau bracing.

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Provider Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about the Gensingen Brace™ and becoming a provider? We’ve answered some common questions from providers.

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