Become a Cheneau Gensingen Brace™ Provider

The market for the Cheneau scoliosis braces is expanding rapidly! Offer your scoliosis patients superior scoliosis management outcomes with the Cheneau Gensingen Brace™. It’s a 100% Schroth method compatible brace designed in Germany and fabricated in the U.S.

We are looking to expand our network of providers in the United States and Canada looking to better serve patients with scoliosis and kyphosis. Become one of our exclusive providers and the go-to practitioner in your area offering this innovative brace! Depending on your location, each brace can be delivered in one to two weeks, finished or unfinished. Our Cheneau brace certification course (see video below) is open to certified orthotists, as well as MDs/DOs/DCs from the US or Canada who are presently Schroth Best Practice® certified. Our courses are kept small for optimal learning and hands-on experience fitting scoliosis and/or kyphosis braces.

Brace Design and Fit Process

The Cheneau Gensingen bracing system is efficient and offers advantages for both the clinician and patient. Upon your submission of a simple 3D scan, specific measurements, a current x-ray, and patient photographs a CAD/CAM designed Cheneau brace is designed and manufactured according to the Lehnert-Schroth Augmented Classification System. Braces are typically ready for shipment within a few days of order submissions.

Gensingen Brace™ providers receive the raw brace, manufactured to the highest standards. Each brace arrives ready to be cut and fit to the patient. We recommend that the brace fitting process take place over the course of two to three consecutive days, when possible.

Course content includes an overview of the Schroth method, Augmented Schroth-Lehnert classifications, instruction in 3D scanning and measurement, detailed instruction of the submittal process and hands-on fitting and brace adjustment experience. Braces of varying curve patterns and types are included.

Cheneau Gensingen Brace™ Certification Course

Our five day courses are typically limited to 3 or 4 participants. If you have interest, please contact Colleen for information on our upcoming brace courses:
Note: Please email a current CV and provide a brief description of your experience working with scoliosis patients.

Next Course

October 2020: Please contact us with interest
Instructors: Dr. Marc Moramarco, DC, Amy Heller, OTR/L

Discounted hotel rooms are available!

Course Location: Scoliosis Bracing Innovations, Inc.
3 Baldwin Green Common, Suite 205, Woburn, MA 01801
(781) 932-1150

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