Is the Gensingen Brace™ a Cheneau brace?

Yes, the Gensingen Brace™ by Dr. Weiss is a Cheneau-style TLSO. You may see it referred to on this site as the Cheneau-Gensingen, Gensingen Brace™, or the GBW (used by some international practitioners).

Is there evidence in support of the Gensingen Brace™ TLSO?

Yes. For links to research, please see Bracing Evidence.

How does the Gensingen Brace™ compare to other scoliosis braces?

Please see Comparing Scoliosis Braces.

Can the Gensingen Brace™ be used as a nighttime scoliosis brace, or only for full-time wear?

Both! Please see Types of Spinal Braces.

How do I become certified to make the Gensingen Brace™?

Please see Become a Provider.

What is involved in the measurement and design process?

The process is quick and simple. The practitioner takes manual measurements, a 3D scan of the patient (which takes 30-60 seconds), and obtains a copy of the patient’s current full spine x-ray and photos. There is no casting required!

During the certification course, the practitioner receives detailed instructions and training on measurement, placing an order, and how to secure any necessary equipment. The technology required for 3D scanning is minimal and cost-effective for the independent practitioner.

Once the patient has been measured and the order has been placed, the brace is designed and fabricated. Braces are then shipped and delivered to the practitioner for fitting, typically within one week of the order.

How long does the fitting process take?

Each brace is custom-designed, so fitting takes more time than an off-the shelf product. However, the extra time and care helps to make the Gensingen Brace™ far more user-friendly than traditional braces. We recommend two consecutive days of fitting for comfort. In certain instances, after adjusting to the brace, the patient may have to return for a final fit a few days later to achieve optimal correction effect and comfort.

Is the Gensingen scoliosis brace suitable for adult patients?

Yes. Absolutely. Adults who currently wear the Gensingen Brace™ report improvement from a variety of symptoms of scoliosis – including pain relief or reduction, postural improvement and spinal support. Unlike adolescents, adults typically wear the brace part-time.

A recent, long-term retrospective study from France found that adult scoliosis bracing may slow the rate of curve progression. Although more prospective studies are needed to confirm the result, scoliosis bracing provides an alternative to adults with scoliosis who are seeking non-surgical scoliosis treatment.